Sophia Madahar

I cannot tell you how amazingly wonderful this video is! Everyone is crying, haha! Our parents are so touched as are we. It is absolutely beautiful I don’t even have words. Everyone is asking me who our videographer was! I think you might be getting a lot of requests. Thank you so much for everything! Truly created wonderful memories.

Ashok K Madahar (sophia’s dad)

In my life time I have seen a lot of wedding videos.

The presentation of the subject matter, extraction of the essence of the day, insertion of audio clips, were right enough to keep the audience captivated.
After having seen hundreds of movies, short and long from Bollywood to Hollywood, I must say this wedding video deserve an Oscar.

Par excellence.

Carol Wilcock

The wedding files looks amazing. We are very happy with how they came out.

Olga-Mare Moller

We spend our Sunday night reliving our wedding day and we just want to say thank you soooo much! The videos are gorgeous and exceeded our expectations! Thank you for bringing our special day to life in such a beautiful way.

Lucy Sneddon

Thank you so much for sending this-we love it. The trailer is beautiful and funny all in one. So glad we chose you as we couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable or relaxing experience or a more fantastic outcome-thank you so much. I have watched all the videos several times now-it is amazing how you notice little additional things each time you see it again. The extended trailer is amazing, it covers the whole day so beautifully and the dancing is hilarious to watch so no changes for that. The ceremony is also perfect, nothing to change.

Patsy Mquqo

Once again, thank you for capturing our day so beautifully – Please pass on my thanks to the awesome Wynand.