Hey … My name is Wynand, & I’ve been filming weddings since 2008. Actually did my first wedding December 2007 and after capturing the day and delivering those first ever films, I was completely taken by the entire production industry as a whole. I immediately jumped ship … threw caution to the wind and less than two months later, I was working full time in the broadcast industry.

Weddings remained from the first day and since then I have (most probably by now) filmed just short of a thousand weddings. At some point during the early years, it all got way too much working broadcast in the week and weddings over the weekends. So I left the film industry altogether. It was a really challenging time personally … and I remember watching and learning about wing suit base jumping during those months. Simply remarkable how theses extreme athletes have this absolute freedom while putting their all into it … It was as if they were the only people really living 🙂

Going down the mountains, they talk about LINES you need to take and navigate. This really resonated and stayed with me from that day onwards. I decided to film weddings again, but not from a shotlist, a formula or a must do perspective … but rather from a place of pure freedom of expression.

The meaning of LINES became … White Lines Wedding Films.

People hear a company title … but I’m constantly reminded of a place of freedom to create the most beautiful, unique & creative content, on the most special day in the lives of others. To adhere anew, to each couples story in the most creative way.

This is us and we simply love what we do !!!

Clyde & Wynand